Wed 7th June 2017 - Bits and Bobs

Made in Liverpool

Internet problems this week and ill health have hampered me keeping up to date on a few things but I believe the “Made in Liverpool” broadcast went out on the early hours of Tuesday 6th June – 2am? And repeat broadcasts also early in the morning. I’m waiting for the catch up facility to have that programme on so I can see what songs were broadcast. 

Radio plays

“Postcard from Mablethorpe “included on Merseyradio on June 6th 2017 – Billy Kelly’s show. Thanks again Billy

“I Was Looking for you” is to be played this coming Sunday 11th June on Expressfm.  It was also included a few times on HCR92.3 throughout the day and Tony Higginson played “It Tears Me Apart” from my Honeymoon Hangover CD 

June 24th 2017 – The Last Viewing/Liverpool Acoustic – View 2 Gallery.

I’m uncertain if we are playing this at present or not due to some of the band not being available until later in the day and some having to go early. I’m awaiting an update on this.

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