We Shall Overcome Saturday 7th October 2017

Hi All 

Just to let you know that I’m playing a very short set this coming Saturday – 7th October 2017 at 81 Renshaw Street Liverpool as part of the “We Shall Overcome” events to raise money for various…

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Radio Plays this last week

Sept 19th 2017 - While I'm still waiting for the "Window Shopping Album" to come to me in it's physical CD format the few promo copies I've been able to get to radio stations have resulted in a few radio…

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John Jenkins & Megan-Louise - Silhouettes

Friday 11th Aug 2017 - Well it's finally released on the usual digital platforms - "Silhouettes" - My promo copies arrived today to pass to Radio Stations, Friends and Family to spread the word - The Video should be with…

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A New York Romance - A Romantic Musical

Thursday 10th Aug 2017 - Another day working on the demos for my musical - Had 4 very young talented singers in to do 6 songs today:

  • Sarah Jones
  • Peter King
  • Daniel Greenwood
  • Megan-Louise

Songs recorded were: