John Jenkins 

Growing Old - Songs from my Front Porch 
​self-released; 2020 

3.9 out of 5 

By My Nguyen 

John Jenkins is a Liverpool, UK singer/songwriter who performs either solo or with his band “John Jenkins and the James Street Band.” A favorite in the local music scene, the artist is releasing his latest album entitled Growing Old – Songs from my front porch. 

In the singer/songwriter vein, the songs on this album are quieter imbued with a sense of stillness. From the soft cadence, listeners will be able to meditate on life’s many mysteries including aging itself, memory and impermanence. Revolving around the acoustic guitar, these numbers gives an introspective look on getting older. Jenkins shares his wisdom and insights in this array of songs and we really get to know the man behind the mic – his drive, his passions and his music. 

Growing Old – Songs from my front porch opens with “Growing Old” where noodling on the acoustic guitar starts off this track. The sounds are warm and intimate. The interwoven sounds of electric and acoustic guitar also trace this song. 

Following is “Daniel White,” where deft strumming on the acoustic guitar opens up this ballad. The acoustic guitar alone supports Jenkins’ vocals. A stripped-down song with a sparse sound, traces of lush strings also add a layer of embellishment to this mainly acoustic track. 

On “Heartlands,” wind instruments give off unique instrumentation to this song. Numerating on the acoustic guitar underscores the vocals. The sounds are relaxing and comforting. The closer “The Last Song” is aptly titled andthe flute add a searing layer and the acoustic guitar melodies are pleasing to the ear. 

​Taking audiences on an inward journey, Jenkins’ music breaks down barriers and we are left with melodies and harmonies that will be sure to stick in your head long after the record has stopped spinning. Jenkins takes the familiar sounds of country and folk and fastens within its perimeters a sound that is solely his own. With a nod to the past, as Jenkins numerates on the yesteryears, the album is also rooted in the present as more contemporary audiences can also appreciate the record. Growing Old – Song from my Front Porch sheds lights on a musician who shows his musical growth through his ever-evolving style and sound.