John Jenkins  -  ‘Growing Old (Songs From My Front Porch)


Celebrated songwriter John Jenkins announces his new solo album ‘Growing Old (Songs From My Front Porch)’ - the follow-up to the acclaimed John Jenkins & The James Street Band ‘Looking For That American Dream’ album.



"Here we have a collection of warm, emphatic, personal and resonant songs which are akin to having a deep conversation with an old friend, someone with whom you feel comfortable. Excellent album, highly recommnended"    

Fatea Music Magazine



"Growing Old" is a defiant piece of work that stands out of time in a world changing with every turn. The music is often beautiful and leaves you smiling wryly as another longing lament refuses to leave your brain. 

Liverpool Acoustic Music Magazine


Jenkins is a “songwriter’s songwriter. These songs aren’t in from his front-porch at all. This music is from his heart, it’s in his blood. Rating 9/10 

Maximum Volume Music May 2020



Jenkins has put together a collection of songs here that really find a way of speaking to you.  A carefully constructed fine piece of work   

Maverick Music Magazine June 2020


“Filled with carefully-crafted melodies and a careworn and gentle vocal, it feels like the chords have been carefully chosen  as the lyrics. An exploration of feelings, a wander through different soundscapes and a treat for these trying times... “ 


Stereo Stickman


"Taking audiences on an inward journey, Jenkins' music breaks down barriers and we are left with melodies and harmonies that will be sure to stick in your head long after the record has stopped spinning" 

Divide and Conquer Music USA



“A terrific listen, a set of songs that captures our own feelings on the process of age elegantly  John once more takes the hand of the listener and helps them find a way to their own soul…9/10  “  

Liverpool Sound & Vision



                                         The Album is a beautiful Collection. Beautifully produced and just as beautifully presented.

Hope it’s Country



    “Some of the imagery is stunningly vivid, like when Jenkins is describing the plight of an old, lonely war veteran "his single bed no larger than a tomb" on "Daniel White"“  

Americana UK 



Watch the video for instant grat single

"Jackson's Farm "


“A song of whispering regret coupled with the pleasure of Jenkins’ eye for detail… beautiful.”



‘Growing Old (Songs From My Front Porch)’
“I really wanted to record a selection of intimate songs that could resonate with the listener,” says former John Peel favourite, JJ. “Stories of life, family, friends, good times, sad times, loss and happiness… ”

Recorded at Liverpool’s famous Crosstown Studios and co-produced by Jon Lawton (Sami Yusef, Eighth Day Army), the record has been mastered by Peter Maher (Rolling Stones, U2) and was recorded with a selection of hand-picked musicians. The record includes a duet with JJ’s old friend and Nashville Liverbird Siobhan Maher-Kennedy (River City People, John Prine) and some songs are adorned with beautiful string arrangements from Amy Chalmers (Robert Vincent, Two Black Sheep). The intimate album consists of 12 reflective and stripped-back songs.


More Information

If you would like more information about this release or would like to contact John about interview opportunities just contact John Via Email:


What they say about JJ

Americana-UK “9/10 – Here is a Liverpool Band that demands National Attention”

Music-News - “4 Stars - John Jenkins is a Liverpudlian legend. A terrific selection of songs, Very Good”

Stereo Stickman “A blessing of an Album, this is the work of a natural and experienced songwriter, with a considerate approach to the art-form”

Liverpool Sound and Vision “9/10 A vast introspection, worthy of a novel by F Scott Fitzgerald or a screenplay by Elia Kazan.”

JJ currently presents a weekly Americana Blues Country and Folk show at Vintage Radio Birkenhead.

John Jenkins - Growing Old - Songs from My Front Porch

John Jenkins

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I am now taking Orders for the Physical CD of the Album “Growing Old – Songs From My Front Porch” on CD

Release date of 15th May 2020

The Album contains 12 tracks as follows:

• Growing Old

• Daniel White

• Heartlands

• A Mother’s Devotion

• This Mountain Between Us (a duet with Siobhan Maher-Kennedy)

• Bear Lake County

• Dying By Inches

• Jackson’s Farm

• A Wiser Man Than Me

• I’m Almost Over You

• I’m Coming Home Soon

• The Last Song

For the UK this is £10.99 and includes postage and packing

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