John Jenkins


John Jenkins is a firm favourite, well known and loved from his appearances around the city with his James Street Band.

Back in the day John was a member of The Persuaders and Come in Tokio giving him opportunity to share the stage with Elvis Costello, Echo and The Bunnymen and The Beat.


For the past 5 years he has followed his own path as a solo artist (often with backing from his superb band)

In 2019 he supported Chris Difford (Squeeze), Dean Owens and the Southerners and Jarrod Dickenson in November 2019


I'm Almost Over You - 8.5 / 10 "Liverpool Sound and Vision“ Nov 2019

John Jenkins once more releases a song of sheer depth and observation.

John Jenkins, one of the truly adored musicians of the Liverpool art’s scene




 His latest album “Looking for that American Dream” was released on June 1st 2019. -John Jenkins is a Liverpudlian Legend.

The Album is many things – a terrific selection of songs, some excellent playing and one of the best lead vocalists around at the moment, a fine rendition of pop music in an American vein –

Very, Very Good – 4 STARS   9/10 – Here is a band that demands National Attention.

The reliability of John Jenkins’ work is demonstrated in the title track “Looking for That American Dream” which begins the record and captures the listeners attention.

Everything about the album has a confident and appealing allure to it. There are 13 tracks all told. There is much to listen to and get involved with this thought-provoking collection of songs


Stereo Stickman “A blessing of an Album, This is the work of a natural and experienced songwriter, with a considerate approach to the art form"


Liverpool Sound and Vision  - 9/10 a vast introspection , worthy of a novel by F Scott Fitgerald or a screenplay by Elia Kazan


Maverick Country Music Magazine  - 3 Stars –  “Catchy Rhythms from Beginning to end with a lot of Character and an appreciation for the genre”


John was Joint Audience Winner of the 2014 Liverpool Songwriters Challenge and 2015 & 2018 finalist. His song "Silhouettes" is one of five in the UkCountryMusic Radio awards 2019 - The winner to be announced on September 14th 2019 


He was selected to take part in the 2018 Americana Music Association UK Songwriting Workshop in front of prestigious Songwriting panel consisting of Chris Difford, Mary Gauthier, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Sam Baker receiving high praise

Likewise his performances with the James Street Band have received glowing praise


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