John Jenkins


John Jenkins is a firm favourite, well known and loved from his appearances around the city with his James Street Band.

Back in the day John was a member of The Persuaders and Come in Tokio giving him opportunity to share the stage with Elvis Costello, Echo and The Bunnymen and The Beat.


For the past 5 years he has followed his own path as a solo artist (often with backing from his superb band) culminating in the release of his well-received "Window Shopping in Nashville" album. 


John was Joint Audience Winner of the 2014 Liverpool Songwriters Challenge and 2015 & 2018 finalist. His song "Silhouettes" is one of five in the UkCountryMusic Radio awards 2019 - The winner to be announced on September 14th 2019 an absolutely magnificent release of emotion”

 Stereo Stickman - John Jenkins is an incredibly skilled storyteller”


His most recent album release "Looking for That American Dream"  2019  again has been critically acclaimed.

Stereo Stickman - A blessing of an Album , this is the work of a natural and experienced songwriter with a considerate approach to the art form

Liverpool Sound and Vision on title track - 9/10  "An Exceptional Song"


Looking for that American Dream” the album was released on June 1st 2019.


He was selected to take part in the 2018 Americana Music Association UK Songwriting Workshop in front of prestigious Songwriting panel consisting of Chris Difford, Mary Gauthier, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Sam Baker receiving high praise

Likewise his performances with the James Street Band have received glowing praise

Window Shopping in Nashville


The 21-track album features songs laden with memorable hooks, pithy couplets and brilliant musicianship. Top session players Jon Lawton (Guitars, Production), Scott Poley (Pedal Steel, Dobro, Banjo), Chris Howard (Keyboards) and Scott Whitley (Bass), Megan-Louise, Camilla Alice Sky, Vanessa Murray (Backing Vocals) all contribute their considerable talents and Jenkins has crafted an album of finely polished gems.


Stand-outs include the storming Radio Friendly Single 'Silhouettes', The Springsteenesque songs “Bitter Harvest” and “The Unopened Letter”. The Country sound of “Grounded in the Mire” “Same Thing Every Night” and the humorous “Too Much Drinking on a Sunday”


Stereo Stickman- This project is jam-packed with stories and melodies and musical beauty. You’ll wonder about the world, you’ll wonder about your own journey, and you’ll wonder who Louise is. More than worth a download - Window Shopping in Nashville is an absolutely magnificent release of emotion. Excellent stuff from first to last! “


Liverpool Sound and Vision - Rating 9/10.  Epic that truly hits home and stays, never wavering, never fading”

Fatea Magazine – Excellent

Maverick Country Magazine 3 Stars – Worthwhile

Liverpool Acoustic - To listen to Window Shopping is to soak for an hour or more in a nice warm bath, topping up the hot water every so often so that you can enjoy a few minutes more.

Trains – Solo Debut Album


Stereo Stickman - A great songwriter. An artist with the ability to create an image of the music, to build a soundscape that reflects the ideas & the theme flawlessly. John Jenkins is an incredibly skilled storyteller. Hear the whole thing in full – you won’t stumble upon a single moment of disappointment. This type of songwriting and musical expression is rare


His debut solo album “Trains” was released in September 2016 and received a 9/10 rating from Liverpool Sound and Vision (John Jenkins makes the album’s engines purr with delight before devouring up the miles in the listener’s heart.) - very good songs, played by great musicians, are still the only currency that counts when we get down to the nitty gritty. The nitty gritty of Jenkins’ songs is love, loss and longing presented on a bed of gentle guitars, violin lines, dancing accordions and proper harmonies. All aboard…

Alex Huskisson – Severnfm “First Class”


Other reviews   

Too Much Drinking on a Sunday EP-

Liverpool Sound & Vision 9/10 - His lyrics have been a godsend to the ears and the music that gratifies everything else is absolute;

Rodeo Girl -

“Getintothis”listening to John Jenkins is like sitting in the world’s most comfortable armchair”


Her Soldier Boy 

Out in the Crowd -John Jenkins has a brilliantly delicate voice that makes every listener insatiable for more.”

Liverpool Sound and Vision9/10 –“A beautiful set of songs”

The Musical Outcast – “ if you are a fan of old fashioned quality song writing sung through a smooth easy going vocal then this EP will be right up your street”


The Paris Wife

Liverpool Sound and Vision 8.5/10 - A song of true elegance and refined softness, one that burrows into the soul with calm precision and guilt free association.  John Jenkins really knows how to capture a scene”.)



Sweet Delphine

Liverpool Sound and Vision 9/10

“if ever a song felt like a painting, a singular one off prized beauty found to be put on a canvas by Turner then Sweet Delphine is that Track”

The Musical Outcast

 “Quality Songwriting” and a definite winner and compared his songwriting with Johnny Cash


Postcards from Mablethorpe

Liverpool Sound and Vision 8.5/10

“Is something very discerning from John Jenkins, it is a song that really showcases his talent of not being a songwriter but an observer of the human spirit”

“On the Beat”/Spencer Leigh Juke Box Jury

“This reminded me of Paul McCartney and the character observations in songs such as “Eleanor Rigby” and “She’s Leaving Home”


I Was Looking for You

Liverpool Acoustic - Reminiscent of Michael Head if he sang country, this is Liverpool Americana; quality in abundance but not a rhinestone in sight.



Liverpool Sound and Vision 8.5/10

“Is a gracious, and alluring song, one that demonstrates perfectly how superb Mr. Jenkins is as a songwriter


Day After Day EP

Fatea Magazine “Powerful Songwriting”

Liverpool Sound and Vision 9/10


John also has released albums previously under the name “John Jenkins and That Sure Thing” which features guest vocalist’s, and has an instrumental project under the name “Midnight in Manhattan”

He has also written a musical called “A New York Romance”


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