- Growing Old, Songs from my Front Porch I was recently sent a copy of the latest album by John Jenkins, another name that I had heard of, but yet had the chance to check out his music. You know, life gets in the way, and I tend to spend most of my music listening time playing music from artists who I am due to go and see live in the near future (not that that’s happening anytime soon) I know a few people who have mentioned John to me, and told me how good his songwriting is.

Anyway, finally I have had the chance to check him out with his latest album ‘Growing Old, Songs from my Front Porch’

The opening line ‘I’m growing old’ and the closing line ‘And I’m singing this song before I die’ frame this album perfectly. Everything in between is just sublime!

I don’t know if I’m just in a heightened emotional state recently, or it’s the fact that although not old, I’m certainly no youngster these days, but a number of the tracks on this album really hit me (Growing Old, Heartlands, This Mountain Between Us, A Wiser Man Than Me)

The album is a beautiful collection more intimate songs all but one written by John, the exception being ‘This Mountain Between Us’ which was co-written with Kendra Boardman. It’s full of nostalgia themed around time, ageing and living with regret. The stories are told through age and experience, some possibly from personal experience, others from observations of the world around us. John like most great songwriters always has pockets full of pieces of paper with song lyric ideas scribbled on them.

Beautifully produced and just as beautifully presented, the album has Country/folk/Americana by the bucket load. There is stunning acoustic guitar, backed up with strings, harmonica, flute, gentle rhythm and the occasional electric guitar. John’s vocals are soft, comforting and the harmonies are just stunning.

‘This Mountain Between Us’ is a duet with

Siobhan Maher Kennedy

, another Liverpudlian who now resides in Nashville and is possibly my favourite song of the album, although trust me it is not an easy decision.

I for one will be checking out Johns other music in the very very near future!

To use a quote from someone else, John is a ‘songwriters songwriter’ from Liverpool, he has a wealth of experience, having played in a number of bands, and written songs for numerous artists. He has appeared with Elvis Costello and Echo and the Bunnymen to name just a couple.

John also hosts

The Garden Party - Vintage Radio Birkenhead with Ian Boyle & John Jenkins

an Americana, Blues, Country & Folk show which is well worth checking out. I managed to catch it for the first time today, and it certainly introduced me to a couple of new names!