New Shows / New Album  

Just an update on things and about the next series of shows I have lined up, a couple are quite intimate shows in Southport. 

Saturday 26th May 2018 -  “The Cheshire Lines”, Duke Street, Southport. 

First off with the assistance of James Street Band members Denis Parkinson & David Nixon On I’ll be supporting American Nashville singer-songwriter “David Starr” who kicks off his UK Tour in “The Cheshire Lines”, Duke Street, Southport. 

Saturday 2nd June 2018 - West Kirby Festival - West Kirby Tap, Grange Road, West Kirby at 2.25pm

Full James Street Band gig at West Kirby Tap, Grange Road, West Kirby at 2.25pm as part of the West Kirby Live Festival. This promises to be a fabulous festival.

Denis has a solo gig at the Festival at Hickories at 5.15pm 

Our dear friend Sarah Jones also will be playing at Whitmore and White at 6.45pm as well. 

There is plenty to see and hear throughout the day. 

Wednesday 6th June – Grateful Fred’s at the Atkinson Theatre Southport 

This is last of the shows over the next couple of weeks and again ably assisted by Denis and Dave I’ll be playing a set at the wonderful Atkinson Theatre supporting Joe Topping & Scott Poley – two local musicians with fine reputations. Scott’s played on numerous songs of mine and has been a UK Country Award Musician Nominee and has a great reputation. 

I plan a few new songs that I never get to play being the intimate sit down venue this is.


From June 16th I start the new album with the band – Our first band album. We’ve a few songs that we regularly play that have been earmarked for inclusion such as: 

Looking for that American Dream 
Get Her Out of my Mind 
Can We Still Be Friends? 
Can you hear me? 
Playing with Fire (Duet Version) 

Plus I have another 10 songs or more that we shall start rehearsing to see what makes the recording sessions. 

We recently played at the Smithdown Road Festival and although the turn out wasn’t over whelming we enjoyed the show and festival itself 

Here’s a link to a clip of “Looking for that American Dream”. 

Ian Davies (From “Two Black Sheep”) kindly stepped in for Steve on Bass who was away on holiday. 

Once the album is recorded we have a few gigs later on in the year plus an Album Launch Event to arrange and many more gigs to arrange to promote the album. 

Keep these dates free: 

Sept 22nd 2018 – Thornton Hough Village Club 

Oct 14th 2018 - Nathaniel’s in Bromborough 

Nov 2nd 2018 – Big Room, Heswall 

We are also recording a Narrowboat Session on June 19th 2018 and have a charity gig to perform on July 28th 2018 in Oxton, Wirral. 

 There is a “Single” and “Video” in the pipeline as well so it promises to be interesting second half of the year. 

So I hope you can make at least one of these dates in the next few weeks and pencil us in for some of our shows later on in the year. 

Best wishes 


Smithdown Road Festival 7th May 2018  

Monday 7th May 2018 - Made my appearance at this year's festival with The James Street Band at The Brookhouse in Liverpool with a 5pm kick off - Beautiful weather meant quite a lot of clientele where outside the venue sunning it up but we had a fair amount of audience to impress upon. Ian Davies stood in for Steve Atkinson on Bass who was on holiday. Set we played was:

  • Looking for that American Dream
  • I Was Looking For You
  • The Paris Wife
  • Laugh Away the Tears
  • Bitter Harvest
  • Can you hear me?
  • Same Thing Every Night
  • Get Her Out of My Mind

Cornmarket Acoustic Club May 1st 2018 

Tuesday 1st May 2018 - Monthly Acoustic night at the Cornmarket - This month featured James Street Band member "David Nixon" doing a 7 song big spot with me and Denis Parkinson and Amy Chalmers helping out on several songs.

My 2 song set debuted two new songs:

  • The Forgotten Man
  • I Was the One

Potential songs for new album due to start in June 2018

Thornton Hough Village Club April 21st 2018 

Sat 21st April 2018 - We all had a fabulous night at Thornton Hough Village Club last night and quite emotional too. 

Wonderful sets from Denis Parkinson's new band "Northline " to start us off and Vanessa Murray and her superb band followed. 

Neil Johnson said exactly what i was thinking as we were just about to go on: 

"Eh Follow that Jenkins"! 

Well i hoped we did, everyone was complimentary after the show and with my band consisting of Dave Orford Ako-Steve Atkinson David Nixon Denis Parkinson Megan Louise and Sarah Jones we played a set of 12 songs as listed here: 

  • Looking for that American Dream 
  • Silhouettes 
  • Get her out of my mind 
  • Bitter Harvest 
  • The Paris Wife 
  • Laugh away the tears 
  • Can you hear me? 
  • I was looking for you 
  • Playing with fire 
  • Same thing every night 
  • Don't make me stay 
  • Can we still be friends? 

Many thanks to Ian Davies Jenny Parkinson and Vanessa Murray for popping up to join us on stage on a song or two. 

Sadly it was the last gig that Sarah and Megan had committed to with the band. These two wonderful singer songwriters have so many things of their own lined up in respect of their own solo careers that its proven much too much to make a commitment to our little band. I love them both dearly and we'll be supporting them all the way on their journey and im sure they feel the same way about us too. 

So a big thank you to everyone involved, came to see us, played and enjoyed our music 

Next gig for us is Smithdown rd festival on Monday 7th May 2018 xxx


Threshold Festival April 2018 / Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting 24 Hour Challenge 

Sat 14th April 2018 - Liverpool Acoustic set up a challenge to write a song from 1pm based on a theme "Across the Threshold" and register to perform it within 24 hours. I wrote a song called "Across the Threshold of my Dreams" which I performed at Hobo's Retreat/Kiosk in the Baltic quarter of Liverpool . It went down well - Some amazing songs played including Alison Benson and Rachael Jean Harris. I was also asked to back Hege Skye on her song - This was a lot of fun learning the song in about 20 minutes before performing it with her

Wallasey Folk & Acoustic Club Sun 8th April 2018 

Sun 8th April 2018 - I popped into the Wallasey Acoustic & Folk Club for the first time and had a splendid night of music to listen to - Did two songs of my own which went down very well thankfully. Ian Davies from "Two Black Sheep" accompanied me on "Bitter Harvest" - Songs played:

  1. Sweet Delphine
  2. Bitter Harvest

Billy Maher BBC Radio Merseyside Live Performance Sat 7th April 2018 

Sat 7th April 2018 -  As always it’s a real pleasure to be a guest on Billy’s show and this was no exception – With the James Street Band minus Dave O & Sarah but with the ably helping hand of Mike Hughes on Cahon stepping in we chatted about various things but played 4 songs live that even reached “Australia” 

Songs played: 

  • I Was Looking for You 
  • Playing with Fire (Duet with Megan-Louise) 
  • Can you hear me? 
  • Get Her Out of My Mind 

Here’s a link to the broadcast which will be available on line until early May 2018




Cornmarket Acoustic Club 3rd April 2018 

Cornmarket 3rd April 2018 

Quiet night at the Cornmarket Acoustic Club but gave me a chance to try 3 songs I have never played live before – 2 of which are brand new and 1 from 1990 that I had completely forgotten – Songs played: 

  • Can you hear me? (with David Nixon) 
  • Just Another D (Debut Performance) 
  • Sam Cooke (Debut Performance) 
  • When there’s nothing left to say ( Debut Performance)

Maghull Radio Broadcast 29th March 2018 

Thursday 29th March 2018 - Me, Denis Parkinson and David Nixon had a great time and performed 3 songs at Maghull Radio station and were interviewed by the very supportive Cliff Howarth (Radio Radio Show) - Songs we played were:

  • Looking for That American Dream
  • I Miss You
  • Can you Hear Me?

Here's a link to the Broadcast:










Review of West Kirby Arts Centre Show 24th March 2018 - Trevor Smith WKAC 

Here's a review for our West Kirby Arts Centre Show last week (24th March 2018) that is on the West Kirby Arts Centre Facebook Page - Many thanks to Trevor Smith for such kind kinds: 

Review: John Jenkins & the James Street Band at West Kirby Arts Centre 

West Kirby Arts Centre· Thursday, 29 March 2018 

Last Saturday WKAC hosted the type of show that is rapidly becoming one of their hallmarks. John Jenkins and his band performed a warm, smooth, intimate show that complimented the unique atmosphere and acoustics of the hall. 

John is a local singer songwriter who originally hailed from Scotland Road but who resides in Meols. He has played in some notable Merseyside bands and has supported some serious 80’s royalty, including Elvis Costello, The Beat and Echo and the Bunnymen. After a self-imposed hiatus, he has bounced back with a new CD of original songs and we were fortunate to have him showcase many of these at the centre. 

John has a relaxed, natural style of delivery that results from performing for as long as he has, and associating with musicians of such impeccable pedigree. His dialogue with the audience was friendly and sincere and his introductions to the various songs enhanced peoples’ appreciation of them. 

Similarly, the band was tight and well-balanced. I didn’t hear one bum note all night. This was quite an achievement as there were a wide range of instruments between the seven band members. It would be appropriate to also mention the sterling work of Tony Woof & Bob Glass who ran the mixing desk heroically. The overall sound balance was very pleasing. 

First half highlights for me were an old favourite, “Playing with Fire”, and the first half closer, “Someday We’ll See Better Days”. The latter was inspired by local musicians singing “We Shall Overcome” en masse at an anti-austerity benefit concert. John made a good fist of recreating the power and passion of this performance here to whet peoples’ appetites for the second set. 

The second half maintained the quality and momentum of the first. John performed many of his latest songs here, from his new CD, “Window Shopping in Nashville”. Speaking to him afterwards, he was clearly pleased how this new material compared with his established set, and how comfortable these new songs were now to perform. Notably “Looking For That American Dream”, the number that opened the second set and “Can You Hear Me” are examples of this. John set the scene for the latter with a heart-warming account of his father’s pride in moving from the urban Scotland Road to the leafier, suburban West Derby. 

The James Street Band includes among their rank an extended family of talented singer-songwriters in their own right. John allowed certain band members to perform their own songs within the set. This was a nice touch and enhanced the evening’s entertainment. Notable examples of these included Denis Parkinson (electric guitar) performing his insightful “Idiot Guide to Modern Living”. In addition Sarah Jones showed plenty of maturity at a very young age with her tender song, “Way Into Your Heart”, assisted by Megan-Louise. She then returned the favour on Megan’s “The Train Song”. David Nixon then weighed in with his emotional rendition of “Moon and Stars”. There was a degree of Merseypride going on here also, with certain band members decamping on the Wirral from Liverpool and others going the other way. 

My personal favourite song from the whole performance was “Don’t Make Me Stay”, the final number of the night. This was simply a lovely song, performed with warmth and wonderful harmonies, sending everyone home happy. 

All in all, this was a deeply satisfying evening of original songs written and performed by a talented group of local musicians. The centre played its part in the proceedings also, its unique setting perfectly complimenting this performance. I would encourage everyone to check out the WKAC website to see the programme of up and coming acts for the year. 

Review by Trevor Smith 

Fine Art Degree (painting) Birmingham 1976, now lives in West Kirby. Whole teaching career in Liverpool schools. Retired in 2012 as Head of Arts Faculty in the North Liverpool Academy in Anfield. 

He has exhibited at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham and Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool.

Friday 23rd March 2018 - 81 Renshaw Street - Review "Scene and Heard" 

Here's a nice review from "Scene and Heard" by the lovely Lis Garrett of our show on Friday 23rd March 2018 at 81 Renshaw Street :

Next up was John Jenkins and The James Street Band. John Jenkins has surrounded himself with a super group of musicians and singers. It’s fluid and changing with several guests arriving and departing during the set but above all it feels like a group of friends having a great time performing together, the fact there is an appreciative audience seems like a bonus. Stand out individual performances for me were Megan’s stunning vocals - she has an emotional depth to her vocals that belies her young age. Denis Parkinson on lead guitar also impressed. John Jenkins’ understated role as band leader had more to do with the very limited space on stage but nonetheless he leads his band of musicians with confidence and his enjoyment is infectious.


Saturday 24th March 2018 - West Kirby Arts Centre 

Saturday 24th March 2018 - This was a special night for us - We were able to play 2 x 45 Minute sets which is about the longest we have played to date as a band and within the sets able to let the other singer-songwriters perform one of their own songs as part of the evenings entertainment. It was a great success.

Set 1:

  • The Paris Wife
  • Bitter Harvest
  • I Was Looking for You
  • Playing with Fire (Duet with Megan-Louise)
  • Way into your Heart (Sarah Jones)
  • Idiots Guide to Modern Living (Denis Parkinson)
  • Laugh away the Tears
  • So Far Away
  • Someday We'll See Better Days (Duet with Megan-Louise)

Set 2

  • Looking for that American Dream
  • Sweet Delphine
  • He's Got You
  • Silhouettes (Duet with Megan-Louise)
  • The Train Song (Megan-Louise)
  • Moon and the Stars (David Nixon)
  • Same Thing Every Night
  • Get Her out of my Mind
  • Can you Hear Me?
  • Don't Make Me Stay

Friday 23rd March 2018 - 81 Renshaw Street 

Friday 23rd March 2018 - We had two massive gigs over two days with the first as gusts of our friends "Only Child" alongside "Two Black Sheep" - Adrian Wharton was on hand to take some seriously great photos of the band - We had 3 lovely surprise guests getting up and joining us in Ian Davies, Amy Chalmers and Vanessa Murray throughout our set which was:

  • Looking for That American Dream
  • Get Her out of my mind
  • Playing with Fire (Duet with Megan-Louise)
  • Bitter Harvest (Joined by Ian Davies)
  • Same Thing Every Night (Joined by Amy Chalmers)
  • Can you hear me? (Debut Performance)
  • Can we Still Be Friends (Joined by Vanessa Murray)

March 6th 2018 - 81 Renshaw Street / Record Store Announcement 

Tuesday 6th March 2018 - Me and the James Street Band were very pleased to be asked specifically to play a set at 81 Renshaw Street Record Store Day Announcement - Other artists appearing where Little White Lies, Tom Moorecroft, Byrne and King

Our band welcomed Sarah Jones on keyboards and backing vocals for her debut gig with us - Our set was as follows:

  • Looking for that American Dream
  • Laugh Away the Tears
  • I Was Looking For You
  • Bitter Harvest
  • Same Thing Every Night
  • Get Her Out of My Mind
  • Don't Make me Stay

Photos by Adrian Wharton