March 6th 2018 - 81 Renshaw Street / Record Store Announcement 

Tuesday 6th March 2018 - Me and the James Street Band were very pleased to be asked specifically to play a set at 81 Renshaw Street Record Store Day Announcement - Other artists appearing where Little White Lies, Tom Moorecroft, Byrne and King

Our band welcomed Sarah Jones on keyboards and backing vocals for her debut gig with us - Our set was as follows:

  • Looking for that American Dream
  • Laugh Away the Tears
  • I Was Looking For You
  • Bitter Harvest
  • Same Thing Every Night
  • Get Her Out of My Mind
  • Don't Make me Stay

Photos by Adrian Wharton

Wed 28th Feb 2018 - Jacaranda Appearance / Radio Maghull 

Wed 28th Feb 2018 - I did 3 songs as part of the Mellowtone Night with Alan O'Hare - I was supposed to play with Denis Parkinson but illness prevented him from coming along so I played the following songs :

  • I Wont Let You Down Again
  • Sweet Dephine
  • Looking for That American Dream

Radio Maghull

Cliff Howarth plays some cracking material on his weekly shows and I'm in good company when he's played my songs - Recently he's kindly been playing "Too Much Drinking on a Sunday" and "Katie" - Its much appreciated

Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight 161 March 2018  

Sat 24th Feb 2018

Very pleased to say my song "Bitter Harvest" has been included in the latest podcast for Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight 161 alongsode Nick Ellis, Folk Doctors, Rob White and Rob Jones, Alun Parry and Susie Jones - in very good company here


Sunday 11th February 2018 - The Wellington, Birmingham 

Sun 11th Feb 2018 - Me, Denis and Dave ventured into the Black Country to perform a long set as part of Gary O'Dea's Songwriting Sessions - We had a fab time, made new friends, sold a couple of CDs and generally had a great time. The set we played was as follows with a debut performance of Denis singing his song "Idiot's Guide " with Me and Dave backing him:

  • The Paris Wife
  • I Miss You
  • I Was Looking For You
  • Bitter Harvest
  • Playing with Fire
  • So Far Away
  • Sweet Delphine
  • Idiot's Guide
  • It's Hard to Say Goodbye (When you're already gone)
  • Same Thing Every Night
  • Get Her Out of My Mind
  • Looking for That American Dream
  • Someday We'll See Better Days
  • Don't Make Me Stay

Too Much Drinking on a Sunday EP - Liverpool Sound & Vision Review 9/10  

Liverpool Sound and Vision - Reviews from a small country 

John Jenkins, Too Much Drinking On A Sunday. E.P. Review. 

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10 

Often in life the artist only allows you to see what you need to see, you witness the birth, the adolescence, the moments in between, the subtle changes in appreciation as they find their feet, as they delve into the corners of their mind in search of new ways to make the audience laugh, love, weep and feel the pain and joy of existence. 

The artist will willingly ask you to join them on the journey, they will come bare-breasted, they will don the war paint, they will appeal to your own inner being to throw the spears of anger at the world, they will appeal to you to hold their hand when the art hurts; but even after all this they will only let you in so far, the truth of their soul they keep wrapped up and away from the overpowering glare of the sunlight and from the harm of constant rain. 

You never truly get to know the artist until a moment of clarity, of infinite beauty comes out of their souls and blinks hard as the nakedness is felt, their skin full of goosebumps and their presence keenly felt. 

John Jenkins has always worn his heart on the Merseyside sleeve, his lyrics have been a godsend to the ears and the music that gratifies everything else, whether in collaboration with Jon Lawton and the special selection of musicians he places absolute trust in, or even on his own, just a guitar for company, is absolute; yet in that open sleeve is a beating heart of consequence and drama, of lyrics that really are poetic, demanding and full of imagery and it is no less evident in John Jenkins latest E.P. release Too Much Drinking On A Sunday. 

It is a moment for the fully naked, a soul laid bare, tremendously great songs, funny, enlightening, unguarded, the openness of the artist to show what beats under the skin, a heart that wants to be seen pumping away, shouldering the blame, taking the applause; this is an E.P. that has been released and which embraces the chance to feel the rain and the heat of the day in equal measure. 

The songs, Katie, Wishfully Dreaming, It’s Hard To Say Goodbye (When You Are Already Gone), Naked and the E.P. title track Too Much Drinking On A Sunday are amongst the finest pieces of work to have come from John Jenkins, a source of music that highlights just how important the maxim of art is, in writing, you have to constantly be giving a little piece of the soul away to capture the moment completely. It is a moment that is honestly blessed in this release. 

Being naked is not a sign of vulnerability, it is the strength to be seen as being comfortable in your skin, your own mind, and there is nothing greater to applaud. 

Ian D. Hall

Americana Music Association UK Songwriting Panel Feedback   Podcast

It was a real honour to have been one of the 8 from 100s of applicants to play my song “Sweet Delphine” in front of prestigious singer songwriters at the Americana Music Association UK Conference on February 1st 2018. 

The panel consisted of Chris Difford, Mary Gauthier, Beth Nielson-Chapman and Sam Baker some of the most respected songwriters in the world today. 

Among the 8 of us were such fabulous artists already making headway into the Americana music world such as Liv Austen, Dave Hanson, Kristine Wilkinson Hughes, Stanford Road (Rachel Muller & Terry). 

So no pressure on me! 

And to be honest I got some fabulous positive feedback and constructive criticism. 

Suggestions were made on the song to dirty it up or take more risks on the lyrics and take some of the sweetness out or tell the story from the Captain’s point of view or “give us more idea of who the singer is so that when the shock ending comes then the knife goes in even deeper “but the positive quotes I can use about the song were as follows: 

Chris Difford “That was Brilliant, it took me back to a really great place like early David Bowie” “I love some of this kind of song writing, its right up my street” 

Sam Baker “I love story songs; I’m into it, Like Townes Van Zandt.   I’m with Chris, Dirty it up, it’s so pretty, so clean but so dark!” 

Beth Nielsen Chapman – “I was shocked by the twist at the end. It was “wow” 

Mary Gauthier – “Love the song, the twist at the end I didn’t see it coming” “It’s a Beautiful song”

  1. Sweet Delphine

Too Much Drinking on a Sunday -EP 

Sat 3rd Feb 2018 - I'm pleased to release my new EP featuring "Too Much Drinking on a Sunday" as the lead track and 4 non-album tracks  - It will be available  from all the usual digital outlets from February 5th 2018 but available her now for £4. Anyone wanting a physical CD copy I've a few i can pass on if you buy the digital download version - just let me know and I'll post it out to you

Too Much Drinking on a Sunday EP 

Thursday 25th 2018 - Putting final touches to a new release - A 5 track EP with "Too Much Drinking on a Sunday" as the lead track (from Window Shopping in Nashville) - Been in the studio to record some non-album tracks and mixing this tomorrow at Crosstown Studios.

EP will be as follows:

  1. Too Much Drinking on a Sunday
  2. Katie
  3. Wishfully Dreaming
  4. It's Hard to Say Goodbye (when you are already gone)
  5. Naked


Busy rehearsing with Denis Parkinson and David Nixon for our Birmingham show in February too

81 Renshaw Street - 1 Year Anniversary Party & New Recordings 

Friday 12th Jan 2018 - A day in the studio recording some tracks for my new EP i am hoping to release in February with "Too Much Drinking on a Sunday" as the lead track. Songs working on:

  • Wishfully Dreaming
  • It's Hard To Say Goodbye (When you are already Gone)
  • Naked

Later in the evening i was invited to celebrate Chris Stevens birthday and 81 Renshaw Street 1 year anniversary at 81 Renshaw Street. Got up and done 4 songs

Made a pig's ear of "Sweet Delphine" and completely got lost after the first verse - Hoping i can do better at my UK Americana Songwriting Workshop session on 1st February 2018. Really pleased to have Ian Davies and Amy Chalmers help me out on a couple of tunes too

  • Bitter Harvest (with Ian)
  • Sweet Delphine
  • I Won't Let You Down Again
  • Same Thing Every Night (with Amy and Ian)

Leaf 9th Jan 2018 - Trio of songs played 

Tuesday 9th Jan 2018 – Just to keep myself on my toes with bigger gigs looming and the UK Americana Music Association Songwriting workshop I decided to perform a trio of songs at Johnny Sands Weekly Open Mic at Leaf Liverpool 

Songs played: 

  • I Miss You 
  • Why? 
  • Looking For That American Dream (Debut Performance)

Selected to be part of the AMA UK Songwriting Workshop 2018 

Mon 8th Jan 2018 - Exciting news. I've been chosen to take part in this year's Americana UK Songwriting workshop to perform one of my songs in front of an audience and panel that includes Chris Difford, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Mary Gauthier and Sam Baker. All down in london on Feb 1st. Nervous as hell but I'm so excited. 
Hopefully be able to cheer Robert Vincent on at the awards part of the evening x




UK Country Radio - Featured Artist in Jan 2018

Mon 8th Jan 2018 - I'm being featured on UkCountry Radio for the next 4 weeks - Here's a link to my page at that website - They'll be specifically playing "Silhouettes" 6 times a day for 4 weeks