A New York Romance - A Romantic Musical

23rd March 2017 - As well as working on my new album "Window Shopping" I have recorded some backing tracks for my Musical "A New York Romance" with an eye on finishing these off in the next month or two to gauge interest in the musical. Songs recorded were:
  • Babe Magnet
  • Suddenly Came Too Soon
  • The Telephone Song
  • Summertime
  • Stranger in a City
  • A Woman Knows
  • Maybe This Time
  • Louise
  • Katie
  • Don't Make Me Stay
  • Did I ?
Musician's involved were Scott Poley, Chris Howard, Scott Whitley and Jake Woodard. I'll be doing some additional recording and inviting guest singers to perform the songs
I also started recording on a one -off Song "Postcards from Mablethorpe" which I intend to release separately from the album

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