Chris Difford's Songwriting Retreat - Pennard House June 16th to June 21st 2019

June 22nd 2019 - I can't even begin to say how amazing this past week has been and what incredible talent I have witnessed and heard from everyone that attended the Chris Difford songwriting retreat. 

And everyone was so friendly, no egos, supportive and loving. 

I have the opportunity to co-write 4 songs as follows:

Nothing to Lose but Time - With Darren Hodson, Dan Olsen

A Man Dies Twice - With Mike Read

Lost in the Moment - with Dan Olsen, Nik Newark and Ethan Smith

This Mountain Between Us - with Kendra Boardman 

There were about 50 songs written over 4 days and i can honestly say each one was fabulous 

Afer the performances we had a "in the round session " each night  around a camp fire and to hear such legends as Rickie Ross sing "Wages day"  about a foot away &  Mark Nevin sing "Find my love" for me, Kimmie Rhodes, Beth Neilson Chapman , and about 20 other amazing singer-songwriters  singing songs that you'd kill for was a bit of an epiphany. . Too many songs and singers to mention individually 

Photo of me performing courtesy of Simon 

Darren Hodson, John Jenkins, Dan Olsen 

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