Friday 24th Nov 2017 - Studio 2 Album Launch Event

What a night! 

To say the “Window Shopping in Nashville” event at Studio 2 Parr Street in Liverpool was a success would be an understatement and what fun we all had. The reception we got and turnout was absolutely stunning. I thank everybody involved in coming. 

I could not obviously have done this without the wonderful support of the fabulous musician’s that played alongside me in Denis Parkinson, David Nixon, Megan-Louise, Steve Atkinson, Dave Orford, Vanessa Murray, Camilla Sky, Nicola Hardman and Lara Simpson. Thank you so much guys/gals xxx 

A big thank you for Robert Vincent and Alan O’Hare (Only Child) for fabulous sets and being my special guests to make my night even more memorable – Love to you both x 

Thanks to Chris Currie for being our compere and I’m extremely embarrassed you did this and had to pay to get in! 

Thanks to Parr Street for making things go so well – Morgan and Paul and the bar staff 

And for people, family, friends etc. who came along to support us all and are too numerous to mention but it’s so appreciative that you’d give your time, money to support the artists that played for you xxx 

If I have missed anyone else out of the thank you’s I’m dearly sorry and apologise. 

The set we played for those that are interested was as follows: 

  1. The Paris Wife 
  2. Laugh Away the Tears 
  3. I Was Looking for you 
  4. Bitter Harvest 
  5. So Far Away (Duet with Alan O’Hare) 
  6. Silhouettes (Duet with Megan-Louise) 
  7. He’s Got You (Hank Cochran song) 
  8. Same Thing Every Night 
  9. Playing with Fire (Duet with Megan-Louise) 
  10. Too Much Drinking on a Sunday (Debut Performance) 
  11. Someday We’ll See Better Days 
  12. Get Her Out Of My Mind 
  13. Don’t Make Me Stay 
  14. The Unopened Letter ( Debut Performance) 
  15. Can We Still Be Friends

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