Handyman Bar - Smithdown Road August 9th 2018

Aug 9th 2018 - Well that was a fabulous gig at the Handyman Bar in Smithdown Road. 19 songs performed over 2 sets. Started out without an audience but by 2nd song had people bouncing in clapping along to us. Lovely to see my old friend Dave Gostelow and Sheila come and see us for the first time and some lovely kind words said about how much they enjoyed the shows. 
Songs performed from memory: 

Looking for that American Dream 
I was looking for you 
The Paris Wife 
Is it love? 
Bitter Harvest 
Idiot's guide to modern living (Denis) 
So Far Away 
He's Got You (Hank Cochrane song) 
Laugh away the tears 

Looking for that American Dream 
Silhouettes (dedicated to Megan Louise) 
Sad and Lonely 
Why? (Debut performance) 
Playing with fire 
Sam Cooke 
What Did i have before ? (David Nixon) 
Same thing every night 
Get her out of my mind 
Can you hear me?

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