It's Raining

Probably the most embarrassing moment ever for me - I've been telling a true story of how I came across a cassette of me working on a song that I had written, stuck it in a box for 36 years and when I played it thought "that's nice", i'll have a go at finishing it off now which I did and recorded with the lovely Amy Chalmers. Well I played it to someone last night who said that sounds very much like a Darts song of the same name. Much to my stunned amazement when hearing the Darts song I completely agree. I think what I have done was tried to learn the Darts song in my teens on guitar, first few lines, put it on a cassette and 36 years later thought it was an original idea of mine and written my own song based on the first few bars. Talk about being embarrassed !!! I've been in touch with PRS to give Ian Collier a writing credit and updated the website and anything remotely that says I wrote this. Apologies to anyone who may have thought I'd written this completely. I honestly thought I had .

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