John Jenkins and Alison Benson with Chris Jones - The Prohibition Studio Music Room 9th Oct 2021

Big thank you to The Prohibition Studio Music Rooms for staging our show and to the audience who came along to support us last night. 

We had a great time and was such a relaxing evening that we got carried away at times. 

Big shout to the wonderful Chris Jones for playing most of my set with me - in some cases without a rehearsal - 1 rehearsal for most songs - He's flippin amazin' 

and a big thank you from me to Alison Benson who agreed to play, do a format that we both had not done before and playing 4 of our co-written songs for the very first time in public. 

Top Photo - Dave Provost -

Middle - Ray Provost

Thank you

Here is the set we played for those taking notes: 

Set 1 

• JJ - A Stranger to your Heart 

• AB - Lily 

• JJ – The End of Summer 

• AB - Sing my soul 

• AB/JJ - Step into the Day (Debut Performance) 

• JJ – Put the World to Rights 

• JJ – It’s not That I’m afraid of your Husband 

• AB - Black pearls 

• AB - Another think 

• AB/JJ – My Foolish Girl (Debut Performance) 

• JJ – He’’ll Have to Go (Cover) 

• AB - Here, there, and everywhere (Cover) 

Set 2 

• AB – Time doesn’t stop 

• JJ – Jackson’s Farm 

• AB - At the Threshold 

• JJ – Just Another Day 

• AB/JJ – Once Upon a Time on a Saturday Night (Debut Performance) 

• AB - Crystal Ball 

• AB - The End of the earth 

• JJ – Daniel White 

• JJ – 43 and Counting 

• AB/JJ – Strangers on a Train (Debut Performance) 

• AB - Seek Peace 

• JJ – The Last Train from Baltimore 

• AB - 1 Song of the Liver Bird 

• JJ – Good Company 

• AB/JJ - Little Ole Wine Drinker Me (Cover) (Debut Performance)

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