John Jenkins and The James Street Band - Looking For That American Dream - New Single  

17th March 2019 - I'm very pleased to announce the release of the new Single "Looking For That American Dream" - The Title Track from the new Album due out later in the year.

Produced by John Jenkins/Jon Lawton, Engineered by Jon Lawton 

Written by John Jenkins 

From the forthcoming album of the same name 

John Jenkins and James Street Band: 

John Jenkins – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards 

Denis Parkinson – Guitars/Vocals 

David Nixon – Percussion/Harmonica/Vocals 

Dave Orford – Drums/Vocals 

Steve Atkinson – Bass 

Additional musicians: Camilla Alice Sky, Vanessa Murray, Jon Lawton 

Arrangement of the song with the great assistance of the players involved.

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