Nathaniel's Bromborough Sunday 14th Oct 2018

Sunday 14th Oct 2018 - Just a quick thank you to those that came down and supported me and band. We all had a great afternoon and poeple had so many positive things to say about the show.

For those curious about what songs we played here are the set lists: 

Set 1 

1. The Simple Things/Red Dust Road 
2. Laugh away the tears 
3. The Paris Wife 
4. So Far Away 
5. Bitter Harvest 
6. I Was Looking for you 
7. Get her out of my mind 
8. Sam Cooke 
9. Same thing every night 

Set 2 

1. Looking for that American Dream 
2. Sad and Lonely 
3. Playing with fire 
4. Idiots guide to modern living (Denis song) 
5. He's got you 
6. Why? 
7. Silhouettes 
8. What Did i have before? (Dave's song) 
9. Can you hear me? 
10. Day after day


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