New Single - Jackson's Farm

New Single - Jackson's Farm

I'm very pleased to announce my new single "Jackson's Farm" will be released on 3rd April 2020 from the usual Digital services although you can obtain a pre-release from now from my website store page. 

I wrote this song (as well as I’m Almost over you) within a few days of each other using the same tuning - Double Drop Down D. 

I asked Amy Chalmers to write some string parts to enhance the spacious sound – the briefing I gave was Bruce Springsteen. 

I was absolutely over the moon with the arrangement – in fact she did another 2 songs on the same day for me that are on a future project which again are absolutely stunning to my ears. 

This is a song about hurt and loneliness and about a character who is living a solitary existence, working his farm throughout the year. I wanted the sound to be as stripped back as possible. 

Just a mad fact for anyone remotely interested. I used the surname name “Jackson” before in an old Persuaders song that I wrote in the 1980’s called “Hunted”. This time around when I was thinking of a surname as my partner Lynn’s father surname was “Jackson” and he had barns and fields it was felt a natural choice. I also like the Johnny and June Cash song “Jackson” as well although to be honest it probably stems from my subconscious as I had a teacher in the infants school called “Miss Jackson”

Recorded at Crosstown Studios Liverpool,

Written by John Jenkins,

String arrangements by Amy Chalmers,

John Jenkins - Vocals,

Jon Lawton - all instrumentation other than Violins,

Violins by Amy Chalmers ,

Produced by John Jenkins and Jon Lawton,

From the Forthcoming Album "Growing Old - Songs From My Front Porch"

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