Recent Radio Plays

I have been very fortunate to have a lot of radio plays this last week.  

I’m always grateful and humbled and never take this for granted. Broadcasters can always play someone else’s songs so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart 

Looking For That American Dream 

Played 24th June 2019 by Mike Read on his Breakfast show on United DJ’S – Here is a link to Mike’s program on mixcloud – It’s on about 35 mins in


Billy Kelly’s WWK Unsigned  on 4th June 2019 – 47 minutes in



Cliff Howarth Radio Radio Podcast Episode 31 – Last song about 1 hour in



Russ Broadbent played this on Saturday 22nd  June 2019 on his Saturday Café show on Mighty Southport 

Playback not up as yet 

I Was The One 

Mike Davies on his Brum Radio Show “Alternative Roots” on 23rd June 2019 – 48 minutes in


Can we Still Be Friends? 

Colin Campbell’s Eclectic Breakfast Show on Northern Quarter Radio on  Sat 22nd and Sunday 23rd June 2019 

Playback facility not available at present 

Sam Cooke 

Russ Broadbent played this on Saturday 15th June 2019 on his Saturday Café show on Mighty Southport


and finally a track from my “Midnight in Manhattan” EP –Travelogue was played by Jane Clayton on her West Norfolk Folk Show 


No Playback Facility unfortunately

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