The Persuaders - You Turn Me On - CD Release on Firestation Records

Oct 5th 2018 - That busy promoting what I'm doing now that i forget i have a past as well. 
These just arrived and track 2 is my song "You turn me on " by my old band The Persuaders recorded at Amazon Studios in 1986 produced by Marc Vormawah. 
Sung by John Kennedy I remember my mum telling me off. "You can't call a song you turn me on John"! Raised eyebrows and all. 
Released on Firestation records. Also includes Gary Marshalls "A Game of soldiers" 
And remastered too! 
Many thanks to Uwe Weigmann 
Lovely to have such kind words and good memories about what you did in the past. 
David Prive, Siobhan Maher Kennedy, John Kennedy, John Gillin, Karen Guatella, Steve Yates, Rob Yates, Peter Robinson,  Paul Speed , Brian Farrell 

There's even a video of this song!

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