Thornton Hough Village Club 29th April 2022

Just a big thank you to everyone that came to Thornton Hough Village Club to see us and the Wonderful Motel Sundown play especially on David Nixons 60th birthday night. 

As always we take our hats off to Neil Johnson for the sound and looking after us all. 

Too many others to thank individually for being there xxx 

Our set was as follows; 

  • Looking for that American Dream 
  • Same Thing Every Night 
  • Laugh Away the Tears 
  • What Did I Have Before? 
  • Put it back Together (Debut live band performance) 
  • Get Her out of my mind 
  • Tell Me Joe (Debut ) 
  • Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day (Debut live band performance) 
  • Can you hear me? 
  • Trying my best to get away from you (Debut) 
  • Murphys Bar (Debut live band performance) 
  • Silhouettes 
  • Wasn't that a mighty storm 
  • Can We Still Be Friends?

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