Thornton Hough Village Club April 21st 2018

Sat 21st April 2018 - We all had a fabulous night at Thornton Hough Village Club last night and quite emotional too. 

Wonderful sets from Denis Parkinson's new band "Northline " to start us off and Vanessa Murray and her superb band followed. 

Neil Johnson said exactly what i was thinking as we were just about to go on: 

"Eh Follow that Jenkins"! 

Well i hoped we did, everyone was complimentary after the show and with my band consisting of Dave Orford Ako-Steve Atkinson David Nixon Denis Parkinson Megan Louise and Sarah Jones we played a set of 12 songs as listed here: 

  • Looking for that American Dream 
  • Silhouettes 
  • Get her out of my mind 
  • Bitter Harvest 
  • The Paris Wife 
  • Laugh away the tears 
  • Can you hear me? 
  • I was looking for you 
  • Playing with fire 
  • Same thing every night 
  • Don't make me stay 
  • Can we still be friends? 

Many thanks to Ian Davies Jenny Parkinson and Vanessa Murray for popping up to join us on stage on a song or two. 

Sadly it was the last gig that Sarah and Megan had committed to with the band. These two wonderful singer songwriters have so many things of their own lined up in respect of their own solo careers that its proven much too much to make a commitment to our little band. I love them both dearly and we'll be supporting them all the way on their journey and im sure they feel the same way about us too. 

So a big thank you to everyone involved, came to see us, played and enjoyed our music 

Next gig for us is Smithdown rd festival on Monday 7th May 2018 xxx


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