From the recording Honeymoon Hangover

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Features Thom Morecroft on Vocals


Another Time Another Place

She closes her eyes in hope of stopping her feeling guilty
Pictures a different face from the man above
And clutches her last breathe before she succumbs to her emotion
Does she really understand the meaning of this love?

And lust causes problems when you’re feeling insecure
But In another time another place this one’s the right one for sure

I see it so clear
I can see it as if I was there with her
She don’t know what she’s doing
She only knows she’s being foolish
Nothing that she’ll do can stop the way she feels for him should she stop and look away?

Was it an hour ago this relationship she was wishing?
Pretending to be nursing a broken heart
And now she finds because of her submission a complicated situation
One she’d like to resolve
Removed from a passion less belief than pride of thought
But In another time another place this ones the right one for sure