1. Trains

From the recording Trains

John Jenkins – Vocals and Keyboards
Jon Lawton – Guitars, Bass and Programming

About the Song

I hadn’t really written any new songs for a long long time and I decided one day to start up again in 2014.
This was the first song I wrote and I knew I wanted to write more personal songs than I ever had written before. So many songs on this album are about me or I’ve put myself into a character and a situation that isn’t me but have a few strands of how I was feeling at the time. The character in this song I pictured as travelling around America in trains trying to come to terms with his life and what’s been thrown at him. I do know someone who lives in Bellevue and has got 6 kids and I occasionally think about what might have been.

About the Recording

I wanted to get a similar feel to “Supertramp’s song Rudi” and “Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game”. I played the latter to Jon when I was discussing guitar parts and I was knocked out by the way he was able to get exactly what I needed and wanted for the song. He does that all the time



He followed where the cold wind blows
Caught the train and watched the falling snow
Upon the window frame
Wrapped up in his winter coat
The sun descends and left an afterglow
as he struggles to keep open his eyes

Trains that pass through the night
There was a time when things felt so right
Thoughts that he just can’t hide
No matter how hard he tries

Bellevue’s just a mile away
There was a girl who got away
She’s got 6 kids he was told
And he thinks about what might have been
He’s not sure if he’s in a dream
He feels tired, old and so weak

Trains that pass through the night
Sometimes it feels so right
Pain he just can’t disguise
No matter how hard he tries