John Jenkins and Pippa Murdie - Live at Pierre Griffes, Allerton, Liverpool 12th Oct 2022 - FULL SET

John Jenkins with Pippa Murdie - Live at The Acoustic Cafe Bracknell (Full Show) 16th Aug 2022

John Jenkins and The James Street Band - Get Her Out Of My Mind - (Formby Festival 16th July 2022

John Jenkins - Moon and June - Official Video

John Jenkins and Alison Benson - Strangers on a Train - Official Video

Taken from "Americana UK" ... 

John Jenkins and Alison Benson both possess warm, resonant voices that carry depth, texture and emotion seemingly effortlessly.  Their voices are perfectly matched and perfectly suited to a song full of weariness and a strong sense of narrative purpose.  The song asks: “Are we the same // Strangers travelling on a train // With no place to go?” as it prompts us to remember all the people who have passed through our own lives.  Thanks to the sensitive lyrics, we listeners can place ourselves into the heart of the song: “A million stories behind sad eyes // Just one life.”  The pair take turns on vocals before singing together, creating the feel of a conversation unfolding between the strangers.  The mood and emotional impact of the song is enhanced by the fine finger-picking melody from guitarist Jon Lawton and the cinematic video created by Brian Roberts that follows the singers on their railway journey.

Jenkins explains how the duet came about: “I’m a big fan of local songwriter Alison Benson and I suggested we try and write a few songs together; we are now on song six and I have to say it’s been an absolute pleasure.  This was our first co-write. We had not discussed what we would be doing with the songs once written so I asked her if she was happy for us to record this one for my album.”   The collaboration between the Liverpool singer-songwriters is the third single from Jenkins’ brand new album ‘If You Can’t Forgive You can’t Love’ out now on Fretsore Records.  Check it out.