1. Shadows

From the recording Shadows

John Jenkins is a critically acclaimed staple of the Liver-pool singer-songwriter scene.

He was GSMC 2021 Music Award "Newcomer" Finalist, and Americana UK 2021 “Emerging Artist” Runner Up.

John will be releasing the follow up to the critically ac-claimed “Fretsore Record” solo album “If You Can’t For-give, You Can’t Love”, with a new solo album due out on 7th July 2023 called “Tuebrook”.
“Shadows” is the first release from this album.

Recorded at Crosstown Studios in Liverpool with Jon Lawton and Pippa Murdie. This song is an intimate re-flection on towns and communities that have fallen by the wayside over the course of years.

“And all the places I cared about the most are no longer there.”

“I guess this line from the song sums the whole thing up. Where I lived (Tuebrook) is a shadow of the place I re-member growing up in. This applies to the city as well and as far as I can see a lot of other places in the UK and beyond, all of which in need of funding. The sense of community I grew up in has changed, possibly as people grow old, pass on, move away”

“Shadows” will be released on March 3rd 2023, from all digital platforms and Bandcamp.