This is a new song that was partly written about a conversation I heard my Dad have with an Uncle. When my Mum and Dad got married they lived with my Dad’s mother (my Ma) in a road of Scotland Road in Liverpool. It was a very grey terraced house area. I came along and when I was 18 months old we all moved to a 3 bedroom semi in a suburban area in Liverpool called West Derby. The house had a front and back garden with hedges and there were beautiful trees in the road and grass verges.
My Dad was expressing how he felt on the first day of coming out the house and seeing so much greenery, a moment he would never forget. This song is about those moments that stay with you all through your life.


Can you Hear Me?

A man walks down a street and he stops outside his home
The Trees are all in bloom
Sees his children playing on the garden lawn
His eldest has just started school
He looks up to the Sky and thinks about where he once lived
It was always grey
Feel so emotional that he wants to tell the world
How he feels today

Can you hear me?
My Life ain’t going to be the same
Nothing gonna to make this moment fade away
Can you hear me?
Nothing gonna be the same
Nothing going to take this feeling away

A girl walks down the aisle with her father on her arm
The groom looks nervously to the priest
Smiles across to reassure his best man
Who’s fumbling in his pockets for the rings

Well I sing my song most every night hoping you will sing along
Or that they may be moved
It can be a lonely life trying to connect or fit in to this world
And I’m sure it’s the same for you and you