1. Silhouettes

John Jenkins & Megan-Louise – “Silhouettes “

John releases his new single “Silhouettes” in August 2017 which will be available from the usual digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Dezzer etc. and his website as www.johnjenkinsmusic.com
It’s a duet with Wirral singer-songwriter “Megan-Louise” and features the following musicians:
John Jenkins, Megan –Louise, Jon Lawton, Scott Poley, Chris Howard, Scott Whitley, Justin Johnson, Vanessa Murray, Camilla Sky
It’s taken from the forthcoming Double Album “Window Shopping in Nashville” and firmly has one eye and foot in Americana music.


I’ve been away far too long
Something tells me I was wrong
When we said goodbye how was I to know
That this feeling inside would grow and grow

We’ll watch the sunrise once more
And I’ll take you in my arms just like before

Chorus - I can take all the love you have and more
Say the word – I’m at your door
Take my hand, take my hear, take it all
We’ll be as close as silhouettes upon a wall

I was foolish for so long
My friends would tell me I was wrong
But I’m back and you know
It’s for good – I won’t let you go

We’ll watch the sunrise once more
You can take me in your arms like before

As close as Silhouettes upon a wall
The light that burns our love reflects it all
And it would be so nice
Simply paradise
Just watch me fall

Inst Chorus then Chorus