John Jenkins and the James Street Band
“Looking for That American Dream”

Produced by John Jenkins/Jon Lawton,
Engineered by Jon Lawton

Written by John Jenkins

From the forthcoming album of the same name

John Jenkins and James Street Band:
John Jenkins – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Denis Parkinson – Guitars/Vocals
David Nixon – Percussion/Harmonica/Vocals
Dave Orford – Drums/Vocals
Steve Atkinson – Bass
Additional musicians: Camilla Alice Sky, Vanessa Murray, Jon Lawton
Arrangement of the song with the great assistance of the players involved.


Looking for that American Dream

American Song Book – The band played all night
Dolly followed John Denver
Some girl asked me for a light

I was lost and now I’m just lonely
Spent too long in this town
Looking for that American Dream
American Dream
Is it real? My American Dream

American Boy meets American girl
I started talking to someone I thought I knew, but in the end she just didn’t care
And I was lost – she said she was too
“Conversation ain’t my thing boy; don’t waste your time on that
American Dream
American Dream”
Are they real?
These American Dreams

“Holy Moses “well I heard him say
The walls are paper thin and I just can’t sleep
I thought I heard him asking for her name
But I never heard what she had to say

American Dream, American Dream
Is it real?
My American Dream

Written by John Jenkins