From the recording Postcards From Mablethorpe

Written by John Jenkins

Performed and arranged by
John Jenkins, Jon Lawton, Scott Poley, Chris Howard, Scott Whitley, Jake Woodward, Vanessa Murray, Camilla Sky and Megan-Louise
Recorded at Crosstown Studios & Frog Studios 2017
Produced by John Jenkins/Jon Lawton
Engineered by Jon Lawton/Mike Walker

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Telephone – 0777 266 1968
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Twitter - @thatsurething1


An empty chair and a sky of blue
A deserted beach, she kicks off her shoes
Smooth’s her dress lights a cigarette
And sits down to enjoy the view

Mrs Baker has a B&B
She runs is so meticulously
Her front door is bolted at 12 o’clock
But her bedroom is open ‘till half past 3

Edith stares outside her window
Watching families trundle off to the sea
She has a thing for Dr Newman
And at the breakfast table they’ll play footsie – he says

“How can I forget you?
I couldn’t even if I tried”
Well maybe your name but not your smile
He thinks this … as he spreads his toast with “Roses Lime”

Mr Parker has a brown toupee
Sits on his head uncomfortably
His prized possession is his “Blue Peter” badge
Which he’s had since 1973

And Mavis feels sad because she’s going home
Sits on her bed consoled by Mrs B
But she knows one day she’ll be back in Mablethorpe
Dabs her eyes and finishes off her cup of tea

So Glad that the weathers fine
We’re having such a lovely time
Everybody here is oh so friendly
We’ll see you soon
Love from Dave and Ann-Marie