1. Jackson's Farm

From the recording John Jenkins - Jackson's Farm

Jackson’s Farm
I wrote this song (as well as I’m Almost over you) within a few days of each other using the same tuning - Double Drop Down D.
I asked Amy Chalmers to write some string parts to enhance the spacious sound – the briefing I gave was Bruce Springsteen.
I was absolutely over the moon with the arrangement – in fact she did another 2 songs on the same day for me that are on a future project which again are absolutely stunning to my ears.
This is a song about hurt and loneliness and about a character who is living a solitary existence, working his farm throughout the year. I wanted the sound to be as stripped back as possible.
Just a mad fact for anyone remotely interested. I used the surname name “Jackson” before in an old Persuaders song that I wrote in the 1980’s called “Hunted”. This time around when I was thinking of a surname as my partner Lynn’s father surname was “Jackson” and he had barns and fields it was felt a natural choice. I also like the Johnny and June Cash song “Jackson” as well although to be honest it probably stems from my subconscious as I had a teacher in the infants school called “Miss Jackson”


Jackson’s Farm
The rain fell hard on Jackson’s Farm
It rained so hard the ground looked like the sea
So long ago I thought I found myself
But she told me that it could never be
Won’t you come back to me?

The sun rose high on Jackson’s Farm
The corn fields swayed gently in the breeze
I was looking at some photographs
There’s sadness in my eyes for all to see
Won’t you come back to me?

I work this land to the bone
Distractions of a life I live alone
And I can sweep every fallen leaf
But I can’t sweep away this grief
Won’t you come back to me?