1. Sweet Delphine

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Jon Lawton – Guitars, Bass and Programming
Amy Chambers – Violin
Helen Maher – Accordion

About the Song

I had been listening to quite a bit of Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention and really wanted to write some kind of folk song in a traditional way. Once I got the lyric idea started I was thinking ok, so what happens? The ending idea, with the captain going off with Delphine, was one of those moments when I was so pleased with myself that I was hopping around the garden with such glee.

About the Recording

This recording session became my favourite session of all time, Jon worked up the backing track and I knew I wanted an accordion and a violin to add to the feel of the song and when I asked Amy (Violin) and Helen (Accordion) would they play on the session through Facebook I couldn’t imagine for a moment what the end result would be.
When the recording was completed I said to Jon that this “set the bar” for everything else to follow. The girls are absolutely amazing and it felt to me that some kind of magic had happened that night.


Sweet Delphine

When my ship sailed into port
The Captain told us
Boys, take a look around

A little tavern down a winding road
We all made merry, the drinks did flow

All my life I’ve been a sailor
Seen the seven wonders
Sailed the seven seas
But I have never seen such beauty
As my sweet Delphine

She told me she had travelled far
We talked all night until the last fading star

All my life I’ve been faithful
Faithful to my Captain
Faithful to the sea
Should I disregard my calling?
And give it up
to stay with my sweet Delphine

“Life can be cruel and Life can be good”
Captain Hart once told me
“I’ll come and see this girl for myself
And give my blessing to you and Delphine”

All my life has been filled with wonders
Surprises that I could never foresee
But I was never more surprised
When my Captain took her hand
Gave up his post
to marry my Sweet Delphine