From the recording Trains


Someday We’ll See Better Days
Don’t believe what they tell you
Don’t believe what they say
Someday we’ll see better days
Have some faith in this world
Have some faith in yourself
Someday we’ll see the way

Chorus 1
Though this world marches on with an uncaring speed
With little thought of those in need
And it’s easy to doubt, never easy to believe
I swear we’ll see better days
Someday we’ll see better days

There’s a man with a boy
In his arms on a beach
The whole world can see his pain
And we look to each other
To finger the blame
Who’s right who’s wrong?
Who’ll explain?

Chorus 2
And this world seems so cold
Run for profit or with greed
Politicians drag their feet, do they care?
And it’s easy to doubt
Never easy to believe
With hope, compassion and faith
Someday we’ll see better days

Middle 8
So let’s look to the future
And learn from the past
Let’s care for each other
And make something that will last
Offer no excuses
Make right the wrongs
Lead by example
Together we can be so strong

Instrumental Verse

Repeat Chorus 1