1. Silhouettes

From the recording Window Shopping in Nashville


I’ve been away far too long
Something tells me I was wrong
When we said goodbye how was I to know
That this feeling inside would grow and grow

We’ll watch the sunrise once more
And I’ll take you in my arms just like before

Chorus - I can take all the love you have and more
Say the word – I’m at your door
Take my hand, take my hear, take it all
We’ll be as close as silhouettes upon a wall

I was foolish for so long
My friends would tell me I was wrong
But I’m back and you know
It’s for good – I won’t let you go

We’ll watch the sunrise once more
You can take me in your arms like before

As close as Silhouettes upon a wall
The light that burns our love reflects it all
And it would be so nice
Simply paradise
Just watch me fall

Inst Chorus then Chorus