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Too Much Drinking on a Sunday

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Too much drinking on a Sunday

• whoa I can’t believe I’ve had an hours sleep and I’ve been up all night
Does your head hurt?
• Oh I shouldn’t have had that last one or those last 5 pints
How’s your memory
• Well I can remember my name
• Well I think I can but I’m not so sure
Who was that girl?
• I think it was Kate
• Or possibly Gill
• I just know it wasn’t Paul

Chorus 1
I guess it was just meant to be
Serves me right – too much drinking on a Sunday

• oh I just can’t get her off that telephone
Did you give her your address?
• I think I did but I’ve got my mum to say I’m not at home

Chorus 2
I guess it was just meant to be
I guess I should have stopped drinking on Saturday