1. Miss Red Shoes

From the recording Window Shopping in Nashville


Miss Red Shoes

I’ve got so many things to tell you, so many things I want to say
So many things that I don’t know, But I think about you every day
Need to know what you’re feeling
Do you know I exist?
And sometimes baby
All I need I just a kiss

You’ve got legs that go on forever, always wearing something new
And I don’t even know your name baby, I just call you my “Miss Red Shoes”
Chorus 2
Add “Can you resist”
M8 –
Miss Red Shoes – what are you doing to me?
Miss Red Shoes – you’re my Miss Fantasy

Verse & Chorus Instrumental break

Started church going on a Sunday, to confess my obsessional way
The priest said “it’s the same for me sonny, I pray for myself everyday

As I need to know what she’s thinking? If she knows that I exist
And sometimes baby, All I need is just a kiss - I can’t resist”

Outro – Miss Red Shoes