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A Quiet Revolution: Day After Day EP by John Jenkins and the James Street Band
‘Day After Day’ is the latest release from the prolific Liverpool musician John Jenkins. Five powerful songs of reflection, observation and insight with an unerring focus on the modern world. These songs lay bare the flaws, problems and injustices of life in the current political climate while reflecting on nostalgia, personal goals and living well. A ‘Design for Life’ if you will. Hard hitting but softly spoken; a gentle call for common sense and humanity.
There are stories and characters in these songs. Two-line snapshots that economically paint pictures worthy of Paul McCartney. Broad brush strokes that stir the imagination. The EP showcases a maturity both lyrically and instrumentally. Different musical styles combine to produce a cohesive whole. This is both personal and political. There is sadness in this work tempered by optimism and faith in the future. This is a soundtrack for our times. Sing along.


Luxury Stains Everything it Touches
Well she told me her story but I think I’ve heard it before
You put a drink in a man’s hand , It will civilise him and make him something more
She looked out the window and realised she was bored
“Luxury stains everything it touches”, Waved her hand and drank some more

Take a look at the things you have around you
Take a look at the place you call home
There’s a man down the street in a cardboard box
And you tell me you need something more
You just haven’t got enough to keep you happy, Everything’s a chore

Well her moral compass seemed to point just a little askew
But she stood her ground turned on me and said “What can I do?”
And I’m not certain I had the answers I was never that sure
But I knew I had to try best so I walked out that door

I took a look at the things I have around me
I took a look at this place that I call home
Glanced in the mirror and you know it really scared me
Each time I looked it scared me more
Was I being selfish – could I do something more

And I ask these questions but I’m still not sure