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A Quiet Revolution: Day After Day EP by John Jenkins and the James Street Band
‘Day After Day’ is the latest release from the prolific Liverpool musician John Jenkins. Five powerful songs of reflection, observation and insight with an unerring focus on the modern world. These songs lay bare the flaws, problems and injustices of life in the current political climate while reflecting on nostalgia, personal goals and living well. A ‘Design for Life’ if you will. Hard hitting but softly spoken; a gentle call for common sense and humanity.
There are stories and characters in these songs. Two-line snapshots that economically paint pictures worthy of Paul McCartney. Broad brush strokes that stir the imagination. The EP showcases a maturity both lyrically and instrumentally. Different musical styles combine to produce a cohesive whole. This is both personal and political. There is sadness in this work tempered by optimism and faith in the future. This is a soundtrack for our times. Sing along.


The Simple Things

Owen Blythe was a sailing man
He lived by the shore
You could always see him mending his fishing nets
At the harbour where the boats were moored

And I use to wonder where I fit in
Nothing seemed so sure
But now I keep to the simple things
My life means so much more

Carrie Ann is a business gal
Power suits, drives a big 4 by 4
Throws lots of money in her wishing well
She said “Well that’s what it’s there for”

Well me, I’ve got nothing but these four walls
No ambitions to do anything at all
And because I keep to the simple things
My life means so much more