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I actually wrote this back in the 1980’s for my band “The Persuaders” as a duet. In those days it was a full band beat driven, horn lead song with the male and female singer having an argument. When I came to doing some songs live recently I decided to re-visit this one as a softer confessional song. Check the Video out by Brian Roberts.


Playing with Fire

The House is empty
No-one here but me
I sit, head in my hands nursing memories
And I realise that my wife, she has gone
My best friend told me I was living dangerously
“You may think its fun but it’s still adultery”
But temptation I just couldn’t overcome
I thought I’d lie because I didn’t know better
I thought that playing with fire was being clever
Till she was found out
And the truth is I’ve only just met her

She said “I don’t believe you
You don’t fool me but you think you do
Those lies that you tell no longer hide the truth
Explain yourself”

“I know what you’re thinking you don’t love me like you use to do
Did I hurt you so bad for us both to lose?
Playing with fire “