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The last of my songs from my “Persuaders” days to be recorded for this album and my own personal favourite. A song I wrote after being chucked by a girl in my youth. Surprisingly she loved this song. We seldom play this live unless the wonderful Camilla Sky and equally wonderful Vanessa Murray are singing with us and generally anybody else who is in the audience who can half sing, we drag up on the stage.


Can we still be friends?
Much too much – much to ask for
Well it seems just a little strange whenever we’re together
Those moments that we shared, are they lost forever?
And my heart still skips a beat whenever you walk in the room
You once had me at your feet but it ended much too soon

Can we still be friends?
Is that much too much to ask for
Can we still be friends?
Even for a day

Even though we’re now apart how can I forget you?
There’s a soft spot in my heart to remind me of you
We don’t say too much of things we did because you think it’s better
Nostalgia’s a sore point so I look to the present


The sky was dark and it was raining
People were running for shelter under trees
I used all my credit on a phone call
To ring you up and ask you friends can we still be?

Say can we still be friends?

Written by John Jenkins