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John has been working hard on the follow-up to the criti-cally acclaimed and 2022 Mercury Award Nominated so-lo album “If You Can’t Forgive, You Can’t Love”, with a new solo album due out on 7th July 2023.

He has also recorded several tracks with his “James Street Band” with a view to a new band album release later in 2023.

The first John Jenkins and the James Street Band album “Looking for that American Dream” was critically ac-claimed upon its release in 2020.

“Trying My Best (To Get Away from You)” is their first re-lease of 2023.

“I tend to keep the quiet and stripped-back songs for my solo albums, so I quite surprise some listeners with the more up-tempo tunes that I perform and record with the “James Street Band,” John says.

“I guess I look at Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young who have two outlets for their songs – solo and their band stuff. It’s not unique but for me, as a songwriter, it’s a rewarding experience being able to do both kinds of songs, on the albums and in live shows.

“To share the stage with such a great bunch of musi-cians and talent is so rewarding. I feel quite fortunate. They all are great songwriters themselves so I really have to up my game when bringing songs into our sets.

“We try and put a really good show on. I have written a bunch of new songs with live shows in mind and they've been going down really well with our audiences.

Our new single “Trying My Best (To Get Away from You)” is one of these tracks.”

“Trying My Best (To Get Away from You)” will be released on February 3rd 2023 from all digital platforms and Bandcamp.

What they said about “John Jenkins and the James Street Band” :

“Here is a Liverpool Band that demands National Atten-tion” - Americana UK 9/10

“An artist and band well worth looking out for” - Stereo Stickman USA

“Music that never fails to please” – Lonesome Highway Music Magazine USA

John Jenkins and the James Street Band will be playing at the British Country Music Association Liverpool Coun-try Music Festival on April 9th 2023, at “Camp and Fur-nace”.


Trying my best (to get away from you)

I’ve been trying my best to get away from you
Just when I thought I’m free you turn the screw
Believe me mama it’s the truth
This stranglehold on me I can’t undo

I’ve been crying day and night – I feel a fool
It’s the kind of thing that grown men just don’t do
Believe me Mama it’s the truth
Trying my best to get away from you

I once believed our love was good
But now it seems I misunderstood
When she said “for better or worse”
How was I to know she was reading me a curse?

I once believed true love would find a way
But now it seems it’s been blown away
When we exchanged those wedding rings
How was I to know I’d be losing everything?
Repeat Chorus 1