1. Murphy's Bar

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“If you come out of Central Station in Liverpool you are faced with a row of bars that all have an Irish theme. You can go into any of these and someone will be play-ing “Whiskey in the Jar” or “Galway Girl” or something similar. Everyone is having a great time.
I thought I’d have a little fun and write my own Irish themed song. Nothing serious although I had to change a line as I was totally unaware I had included a drink name that some people see as offensive expression. The line I substituted it for is my favourite line of my own songs – it’s the line after “He loved his beer”.
“Murphy’s Bar” seems to be the song everyone talks about after the shows we do.”


There was a man, Who use to say if you have a heart, you’d never lose your way
He was born in Dublin Town
Hair of grey, Eyes of Brown

He had a dog, He had a car
But never travelled very far
Never got to leave old Dublin Town
“Cross the Sea”? – he said he’d rather drown

And he’d sing “Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Rai”
At Murphy’s Bar all day
“Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Rai”
“Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Rai”

He loved his beer
George Michael’s Wham
It broke his heart
When Murphy’s Bar shut down
The happiest man in Dublin Town
Until Murphy’s Bar was raised to the ground