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Bury Myself In The Sand

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‘Bury Myself in the Sand’ is the second release of the year by John Jenkins, in follow-up to his critically acclaimed album ‘Tuebrook’, released in July 2023, and the March 2024 standalone track ‘The Reason’.
It is the second track of six that will be released monthly that, thematically, wouldn’t fit on the ‘Tuebrook’ album.
‘Bury Myself in the Sand’ is a song about ‘having one of those days’ when you feel that the whole world is conspiring against you, nothing is going right, and you just want to disappear from people and places.
Wonderful musical contributions from Chris Howard (Piano), Tony Peers (Horns) and Jon Lawton (guitar/bass and drum programming) makes the track cross into a different musical feel to John’s notable Americana writing and it has an uplifting jazzy touch despite the despairing subject matter.
To be released on April 5th 2024, ‘Bury Myself in the Sand’ is co-produced by John Jenkins and Jon Lawton (Sami Yusuf, Ian Prowse, Only Child) and mastered by Pete Maher (The Rolling Stones, U2, Patti Smith).

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Bury Myself in the Sand
I heard the news and walked away
It didn’t sit so well with such a lovely day
High up a hill – I could fly away
If those birds only knew how they’ve got it made
I want to stay home and do nothing
But nothing feels too much right now
Feel like the (whole) world turned against me
Wish I could bury myself in the sands
Oh, Mother please – What would you say?
Would you comfort me or tell me to behave?
I want to stay home and do nothing
not even sure I understand
Feeling more tired than a man should feel
bury myself in the sands