Album Launch Friday 23rd September 2016 at View 2 Gallery Liverpool

Sat 24th Sept 2016 - Well I'm recovering from last night's album launch which was well received and a lot of fun - The main spot by "Jesse Terry" was fabulous. I was given two 30 minute sets and set one probably due to nerves and my rambling lasted 54 minutes so set 2 had to be shortened.
The band consisted of Denis Parkinson, Amy Chalmers, Helen Maher, David Nixon, Marc Vormawah, Camilla Alice Sky, Vanessa Murray, Steve Atkinson and Dave Orford. We had Jon Lawton lined up to do "Someday We'll See Better Days" as the last song but this as well as "Sweet Delphine" had to be dropped.
Marc, Denis, Amy (and Ian - Two Black Sheep) and Helen each did a solo spot in set 1
my songs played were:
  • Put the World to Right
  • Summer of 76
  • Looking for That Sign
  • Playing with Fire
  • It's Hard to Say Goodbye (When you're already Gone)
  • The Paris Wife
  • Same Thing Everynight
  • Get Her out of my Mind
  • Can We Still Be Friends?
  • Twist and Shout
Photos by Marc Melander

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