John Jenkins - Falling Star - Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge Performance 22nd Jan 2022 with Martin Smith

Congratulations to Danny Bardley for winning the "Judges Prize" for Best song and Junior Davis for winning the Audience Vote

I was just very pleased to be part of teh night and get so many nice things said about the song - He's a video of it


With Martin Smith - Trumpet 
Filmed by Jade Thunder  

Falling Star 

Falling Star up in the sky 
Oh, I wish you were 
A silver flare that dips and dies 
Expose and lays us bare 
We were young and patriotic 
A righteous war no way to stop it 
We were told your country needs you 
We were young, never to grow old 

Falling Star up in the Sky 
Oh, I wish you were 
Pinned on wires like butterflies 
Relics of disregarded prayers 
Sound of gun fires 
Young lads screaming 
Fatally wounded  
No chance of healing 
Unprepared for gas and blood 
All for a few hundred yards of useless mud 
Falling star if I could make a wish 
Would you hear?

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