Klee Acoustic Music Night 9th March 2019

Klee Music Acoustic Night - 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool 

March 9th 2019 

One of the nicest people in the local music scene is Steve Kinrade and last year he asked me would i be interested in doing a set in 2020 for him as part of his Klee Music Acoustic Nights. I thought he got the year wrong but he actually did mean 2020 as  he hs planned these events out over the next few years. He's has 3 nights a year in which 3 artist play a set solo for half an hour then play a song of the other performers then come together at the end to perform another song or two. 

I got a message from him yesterday and he asked could i step in for someone who was supposed to play in the 2019 March show. So cutting a long story short I'm playing a year earlier than i thought i would be! 

The other artists on the bill are Lydiah (who won the 2017 Liverpool Songwriting Challenge) and is also in this year's Songwriting Challenge final next week and Peter Wilkinson (ex-Cast) - It looks a great event to be part of and i'm extremely grateful 

Tickets and information can be found here: 


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