Saturday 9th March 2019 – Klee Acoustic Evening with Peter Wilkinson & Lydia.

Saturday 9th March 2019 - Well that was a superb night! I don’t think I’ve done a gig on my own (solo) for over 3 years having the usual tendency to ask musicians/friends to join me on stage for at least a song or two. Last night it was just me and I enjoyed every minute of and hope to do something similar again sometime. 

I was so taken back by the audience reaction and feedback and the singing on “Same Thing Every Night” – Thank you 

Lydia and Peter made it extra special – Great performances and songs. 

My set was as follows: 

Jackson’s Farm 
Bitter Harvest 
Just Another Day 
Daniel White 
Day after Day 
Playing with Fire 
Same Thing Every Night 

As a trio we did 2 songs at the very end: 

The Community of Hope (PJ Harvey) 
Mr Soul (Buffalo Springfield) 

And Peter did a version of my song “The Simple Things” 

I did a version of “Older” by Lydia 

And Lydia did a version of Peter’s song 

The Klee Acoustic Nights are something special.

The Next is June 8th featuring the wonderful Marc Vormawah and Vanessa Murray. 

Thanks to Steve Kinrade for asking me to play and the support. And thanks to all the people who came to support the 3 artists and listening to the songs and making it a special night for everyone concerned. 

Colour Photo Chris Currie 

Black and White not sure – it was a late night!

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