The Prohibition Recording Studio Gig Friday 21st Oct 2022 - Set List

Wonderful Night at "The Prohibition Recording Studio Music Room".

"Le-Verg" were our special guests on the night - We (Alison Benson/Pippa Murdie & I) did 2 sets which included 4 of the songs Alison and I had co-written - Alison and I alternated songs through the sets

Songs Played: 


Alison - Lily 
Bitter Harvest 
Alison - Song of the Liverbird
I Miss You 
Alison - Silent Link  

Daniel White 
STEP INTO THE DAY (Alison and John)
Alison - Time Doesnt Stop  
Moon and June 
Alison - Crystal Ball  
The Last Train from Baltimore 
My Foolish Girl (Alison and John)

Set TWO 

Alison - Black Pearls (Unfinished Business) 
The Wrong Side of Sadness 
Alison - Drinking with Jesus 
Easy’s Getting’ Harder Every Day (Pippa and John)
Once Upon a Time on a Saturday Night (Alison and John)
Alison - Sing My Soul  
Christopher Roberts 
Alison - Seek Peace 
Murphy’s Bar 
Strangers on a Train (Alison and John)


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